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Phone: (850) 396-4821

dr_tim_bassett.jpgWelcome to Cornerstone Chiropractic...

My name is Dr. Tim Bassett.

Let me take a minute and tell you about myself and the level of care you can expect from me and my office.

I became a Chiropractor because it was chiropractic that helped me with my own health challenges.  For years I suffered with spinal problems. I tried everything I could find, but nothing had a lasting effect on my condition. Then one day, out of desperation, I went to a doctor of chiropractic. She listened to my symptoms, asked questions, performed a few tests and took X-rays of my spine. It turned out I was suffering from something called Vertebral Subluxation Complex. I immediately started following her advice... And I began to heal. She took the time to explain why I was healing and how I could continue this process outside her office. This was the catalyst for my becoming a chiropractor, and now I strive to provide that same level of care to my patients! If you're suffering with pain, let me help you the way my chiropractor helped me all those years ago.

I want you to discover the value of chiropractic care as I did.

Give my office a call today and lets get you on the road to recovery...

I hope to see you soon,

Dr. Tim Bassett

Here are a few of our many
Success Stories

George C. (8 years old)


George started care at 6 weeks old after being born 7 weeks premature. Now 8 years old, he rarely gets sick and has only had 2 ear infections his entire life. 

To this day he continues to receive regular care from Dr. Bassett as part of his wellness program.

Esteban R.

Esteban was in the AirForce before being injured.

He is now a disabled vet with severe back problems.

Initially he was very reluctant to come to a chiropractor, but since he started working with Dr. Bassett, he now enjoys all the activities he once did before his injury.


Paige B.


Paige was injured while playing Tennis. Her pain continued long after the injury occurred.

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Dr. Timothy Bassett
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